Certification Authority &
Payment Security for PA

Since December 2012, Nexi S.p.A. is an Accredited Certifier, authorised by AgID (Agency for a Digital Italy), able to offer Certification Authority (CA) and Payment Security solutions. Our service has also obtained eIDAS certification, giving Customers the opportunity to supply and use trusted services valid in all EU countries.
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As a CA, the services provided are:

  • Strong Authentication: tools and services for the generation of One-Time Password (through mobile Apps, physical tokens, text messages, incoming calls, etc.)
  • Organisation of training courses and specialist consulting on the topic of digital signatures and integration of signature services into Customer processes
  • Digital signature: USB tokens and smart cards
  • Remote/automatic digital signature
  • Certificates and processes for Advanced Electronic Signature
  • Time Stamping
  • Signing contracts in paperless mode, via video conferencing recognition systems, payments by credit transfer or credit card, or activation of remote signature certificates via web
  • Issue of encryption certificates (AES-256) for use in the Sitrad (Interbank Data Transmission System) circuit
  • Issue of authentication certificates (SSL Client).

For all services, Nexi boasts a consolidated and certified technology infrastructure that guarantees high reliability, disaster recovery and complete support.

Certification authority payment security

The Service consists of:

  • A mobile application that allows sales people and/or promoters to fill in forms and/or contracts. Provision of a digital signature OTP TOKEN via the Nexi S.p.A. CA
  • Compliant storage of contracts on the Nexi S.p.A. Fast Digital Invoicing platform
  • Transmission of the data present in contracts to the Company's systems to automate master-data management and subsequent document management.

The payment security solutions are divided into 3 categories

One-Time Password (OTP) generation tools

Incoming Calls, Tex Messages, Display and USB OTP Tokens, Mobile OTP Clients (Apps) and USB Tokens.

Certificates issued by the qualified CA 

Smart cards, USB and remote tokens (also with an automatic procedure). 

Certificates issued by the non-qualified CA

SSL Client Certificates, Encryption Certificates (AES-256) and certificates related to AES (Advanced Electronic Signature) processes.

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