One day you will also accept remote payments with Nexi POS, easily and securely.

That day is today with Pay-by-Link.

About Pay-by-Link

Pay-by-Link is the service by Nexi that transforms POS in an instrument for accepting payments without the physical presence of your customer, whatever your business is and without an e-commerce website.

Thanks to Pay-by-Link you can accept payments wherever your customer is, sending him a simple link through email or social address. Through Pay-by-Link accepting payments is easy, secure and fast.

In addition, you are able to view all the links generated and the state of payments in real time.

Digital Solidarity

Nexi joined the initiative “Digital Solidarity” promoted by Government that includes an easy access to innovative services and solutions in order to reduce the negative economic and social impact coming from the current sanitary emergency and support its Merchants to give continuity to their business.

In this context Nexi provides its Merchants with Pay-by-Link service eliminating the additional fee for each transaction made through the payment link (usually 0,30€ per each transaction).

The service will be available starting on April, 07th, 2020.

Ideal for

  • Continue your commercial business accepting remote payments: ideal for home delivery of your products
  • Manage the payment of an invoice or accept orders and contracts accepting a deposit
  • Satisfy all the customers’ needs
  • Request in advance a reservation payment
  • Recover your credits, wherever your customer is

How to set up Pay-by-Link

Whatever is your POS, starting from April 07th, 2020 access to Nexi Business, and click on the card remote payments.


Pay-By-Link is included in the acquiring contract for accepting digital payments through Nexi POS without additional fee. 

In addition until December 31st 2020, in order to reduce the impact of the costs on your business, Nexi will eliminate the additional cost for each transaction.


0 €

set up cost


commission %

for each transaction

the same as physical POS



0 €

monthly fee


additional fee for each transaction


until December 31st 2020 to support italian commercial activities

Member Banks

(list in progress)

Documento senza titolo

Terms and Conditions of the service

The activation of the service is not expected for high risk categories in remote selling (like brokers, tobaccos, gambling, etc.). For more information check the regulations.

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