One day, paying with card will give you more advantages.

That day is today with Cashback di Stato.

"Cashback di Stato" is the new government initiative to encourage electronic payments on purchases made in a traditional shop. 


 Cashback Timeline

extra cashback natale


from December 08th to December 31st, 2020

cashback 10%


from January 1st to June 30th,
from July 1st to december 31st, 2021



from January 1st to June 30th,
from July 1st to december 31st, 2021


 Cashback Requirements to participate

The recipients of the initiative are payment card holders, adults and resident in Italy.

strumenti di pagamento

Accepted payment methods

Credit, debit and prepaid cards enter the initiative. Business cards are on the contrary excluded.

numero minimo

Minimum number of transactions

In December you need at least 10 transactions, and the refund will occur on February 2021. On the following half year you need at least 50 transactions e and the refund will occur 60 days from the end of the semester.

acquisti in negozio

Admitted purchases

All purchases made in shop with cards and cards/App connected to payment circuits. Maximum refund amount 150€


Excluded purchases

Purchases made with corporate cards and e-commerce are not admitted.


 Cashback How to activate it

Today with your Nexi cards you can participate through Nexi Pay App in a few steps and without the need of SPID or electronic ID. In order to obtain Cashback, only with Nexi Pay you can count also on digital payments made through Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, beyond credit and debit cards.

cash back nexi pay

Choose the card on which you want to activate the service

Click on the box dedicated to Cashback to activate it and read the regulation

Check your personal data

Confirm or change the IBAN on
which you want to obtain the refund. Remember that you must be the holder 

Wait for the confirmation

cash back nexi pay
cash back nexi pay
super Cashback

Check the trend of your Cashback.
From 2021 January you can enter Super Cashback!

Remember to update Nexi Pay App to the last version!

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