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With Nexi payment cards you can, securely and easily, top-up prepaid cards and your mobile phone and set up direct debits for utilities, rendering queues and due dates a distant memory. 

Direct debit for utilities

To make queues and due dates a distant memory, you can request, at no charge, the direct debit of your utility bills on your credit or debit card.

In this way, Nexi will pay the bill when it is due and the debit on the current account will be postponed.

Nexi utilities direct debit service
Nexi prepaid card top-up service

Prepaid card top-ups

Topping up your Nexi prepaid card is quick and easy with your credit card, or you can choose one of the other available options: a bank transfer, debit card or cash.

Nexi mobile phone top-up service

Phone top-ups

The Nexi mobile phone service allows you to top-up TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE and PosteMobile prepaid SIM cards with a direct debit from your Nexi credit card.

You can top-up your phone:

  • From “Purchases and Payments” in the Nexi online reserved area
  • By ringing the service provider’s call centre and following the instructions provided.


Nexi Telepass payment service


With Nexi and Telepass you can:

  • Request the direct debit of motorway tolls from your credit card at no extra cost
  • Pay for parking at the Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate, and Roma Fiumicino airports, in the Firenze city car parks, and in the Bologna Fair car park (Michelino)
  • Activate a direct debit for Milano Area C from your Telepass account, at no extra cost.

Nexi car property tax payment service

Car property tax

The ACI Bollonet service allows you to pay car property tax by credit card from
Provide the:

  • vehicle registration number
  • credit card number
  • identification of the owner of the vehicle.

Cost of the service: in addition to 1.2% of the amount due (bank and service costs), you need to add the Region’s fee for making the payment (see the table on ACI website).

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