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Carta prepagata CartaFreccia

CartaFRECCIA Argento is both a prepaid and a loyalty card with all the benefits of Nexi and Trenitalia.

If you subscribe the free loyalty program CartaFRECCIA you will accumulate points travelling and enjoy special offers, discounts and benefits. When you achieve 1.000 points, you have the opportunity to receive CartaFRECCIA Argento.

With CartaFRECCIA Argento, you can withdraw cash from all affiliated ATMs in Italy and abroad.
CartaFRECCIA is easy and convenient to top-up, and the free Text Alert information service keeps your spending under control.
Also available in Oro and Platino versions for even more privileges and to earn even more loyalty points.

With CartaFRECCIA Argento, Oro and Platino, you can use the exclusive Trenitalia FRECCIAClub in the main Italian high-speed stations, and you can earn points to buy Trenitalia tickets:

  • 10% more with CartaFreccia Argento
  • 25% more with CartaFRECCIA Oro
  • 50% more with CartaFRECCIA Platino.

With CartaFRECCIA Platino, you also have:

  • A reserved tool-free number for information, dedicated assistance, and ticket purchases. The number will be communicated in the letter that accompanies the Card upon issue
  • The option to travel in comfortable compartments, if available.

For information about the loyalty card, see the CartaFRECCIA section of

How to request CartaFRECCIA

To have a CartaFRECCIA card, you need to be an adult. Go to the CartaFRECCIA section of and click on “Not a member yet?” under Subscribe now.
You do not need a current account to request a CartaFRECCIA card.

CartaFRECCIA benefits

All versions are free.

All versions are free.

For all versions: 
  • The maximum total top-ups per calendar year is €2,500, from the date of the first top-up and/or the first purchase made
  • The maximum amount per top-up is €1,000
  • The spending limit per transaction is €1,000. 

5 years.

By subtracting it from the amount available on the Card.

Within the limits of the prepaid amount available on the Card.

CartaFRECCIA is simple and convenient to top-up. You can do it from the Private Customers’ Reserved Area, by text or the Customer Services. Otherwise you can do it in a SisalPay points of sale, at ATMs or with a bank transfer.

Nexi provides continuous support, thanks to the multichannel Customer Services.

Card blocking service active 24/7.

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