Nexi prepaid cards

Nexi prepaid cards are easy to top-up and can be used to make secure purchases online and in shops, or to withdraw cash. They are suitable for everyone, from the very young to people who do not have a current account.

Prepaid cards

Nexi Prepaid

For purchases in Italy and throughout the world; to have a reserve of money for extra expenses. Nexi Prepaid is particularly well-suited for people who require a flexible, convenient and secure method of payment.

Prepaid Card Nexi Prepaid
Prepaid card Nexi Speed

Nexi Speed

This is the reloadable prepaid card suitable for young people between the ages of 12 and 18 because it lets them manage their money easily without necessarily having a current account, to make secure purchases in Italy, worldwide and online, and to top it up quickly.

Nexi International

This is the prepaid card dedicated to Italians living abroad, suitable for taking a reserve of funds abroad and topping it up remotely. It can be used for purchases in Italy and worldwide.

Prepaid card Nexi Prepaid International

Nexi prepaid card benefits

Nexi prepaid cards are particularly suitable for people who require a flexible, convenient and secure method of payment.
Discover the main benefits of Nexi prepaid cards.

Nexi prepaid cards are accepted in Italy and abroad at all Visa Electron or Mastercard affiliated retailers and can also be used for online purchases. If you need cash you can withdraw from all enabled ATMs with Nexi prepaid cards.

With Nexi prepaid cards you can make contactless payments at numerous points of sale. With a simple gesture: yours.

Tap your Card on the card reader and in seconds your payment will be authorised.

For payments of € 25 or under, there is no need to sign the receipt. If the amount is more than € 25, you will have to sign the receipt or enter the PIN, as with traditional card readers.

With Nexi prepaid cards, there is no fee for the entire duration of the Card.

The advantage of prepaid cards is knowing that you can’t spend more than the prepaid amount.

It is a strategy for controlling your purchases and helping you to relax because you spend what you have decided to spend and it is not connected to your current account.

For this reason they are the right product for young people, for online purchases, or as an emergency card.

There is no statement of account for prepaid cards: only you will be able to see your purchases online in your reserved area or by telephoning our Customer Services.

Topping up your Nexi prepaid card is simple; you choose how you want to do it. You can use cash, your debit card, credit card, or a bank transfer.

If you have a Nexi credit card, topping up your prepaid card is easy. You can do it from the Private Customers’ Reserved Area on our website, with Nexi Customer Services, or even by text. And you can top-up your Card, a family member’s Card or anyone else’s Card.

Activate the free Text Alert services or Nexi Pay App Notifications to always keep all purchases made with your Card under control and know immediately if any transactions not authorised by you have been made. No time at all for complete peace of mind.

In the case of theft or loss of the prepaid card, you should immediately contact Nexi Customer Services to prevent use of the Card by others.

Moreover, if you notice any operations on your Card that you do not recognise, ring Nexi Customer Services, immediately to block any unauthorised charges.

Nexi prepaid cards provide full assistance and control from anywhere, 24 hours a day, thanks to:

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