Nexi Prestige

Designed to guarantee high spending availability and value-added services



In one instalment on the 15th day of the month following purchases.


SMS services and App notifications to keep spending with your Card under control. 3DSecure services to protect your online credit card purchases.



Private area for checking statements, transactions, balance, availability and to activate additional services such as Easy Shopping.



Constant support thanks to a multi-channel customer service. 24/7 service for card blocking calling: 800.15.16.16.


#iosi, the loyalty program with rewarding services and exclusive offers and iosi PLUS with services tailored to your needs.

carta prestige



Free on all purchases made by card, medical assistance on travel, baggage coverage, legal protection on cyber risk.

Mobile Payments


Pay by smartphone or wearable with:

Mobile Payments
Mobile Payments


Pay by smartphone or wearable with:

samsung pay
google pay
apple pay
garmin pay
fitbit pay
nexi business

Prestige benefits

Nexi Prestige offers exclusive extraordinary benefits:

  • High limit, from 3.000 to 10.000 euro / month
  • LoungeKey, the annual membership fee to the LoungeKey circuit which entitles you to access more than 1200 airport lounges worldwide *
  • Premium experience,  exclusive services and experiences, access to the most important events and performances, exclusive trips and much more
  • Direct debits of utilities and recurring payments
  • 30 years of experience in fraud prevention.
  • Free control and security services to better manage your card.

* the cost for the owner and for his guests is $ 24

Nexi Prestige is available on the international Mastercard and Visa circuits


How to request Nexi Card

Ask at one of the Nexi Partner Banks or make an online request now.

Discover all the payment cards in the Nexi range

The reliable and secure credit card, for small to large purchases, equipped with the most advanced technologies.

The credit card designed to ensure a high availability of spending, with value-added services.

The credit card designed to guarantee a high monthly plafond and exclusive services of the highest level.

The most exclusive credit card, only for selected Clients, with Priority Pass, Personal Planner and top-level privileges.

The international contactless debit card for everyday purchases and withdrawals, with immediate debit and with the benefits of a payment card.

The contactless prepaid card for purchases in Italy and worldwide that also allows withdrawals. With Chip & Pin technology, for use on any POS.

The contactless prepaid card designed also for the very young (from 12 years) for purchases in Italy, worldwide and online, which does not require a bank account.

The contactless prepaid card dedicated to citizens who are not resident in Italy (but with Italian fiscal code), which can also be used abroad and online.

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