Nexi Card

The perfect credit card for every purchase



Nexi Classic Credit Card

Nexi is a convenient, contactless credit card that is reliable and suitable for every purchase, even small daily expenses.

Thanks to the international Visa and Mastercard circuits, Nexi credit card is accepted both in Italy and abroad, ensuring worry-free, secure spending.

It is secure and has numerous online control and security services that can be activated by logging into the Private Customer Reserved Area or opening the Nexi Pay App


How to request Nexi Card

Ask at one of the Nexi Partner Banks or make an online request now.

Nexi Card features

In one instalment on the 15th day of the month following purchases.

  • The online statement is free
  • The paper copy costs € 1.03.

Nexi has constant support thanks to Multichannel Customer Services.

  • For credit card requests at the Bank, contact your branch office
  • For online credit card requests, directly to Nexi, see the transparency section.


With Nexi you have:

If you already have a Nexi credit card, you can request an additional or family Nexi card.

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Need help?