One day you will also pay with Google.

That day is today.

Today you can  also pay with Google Pay: discover how it works

Today there is Google Pay: the new payment mobile experience signed by Google, which allows you to pay with your smartphone, easily and wherever you are.

  • Easy: you can use it in all shops with contactless POS and online
  • Safe: while paying, it protects your data and those of your credit cards
  • For everyone: you only need a smartphone with Android Operative System
Nexi con Samsung Pay

Activating Google Pay is simple

Google Pay -


Download the App Google Pay

Samsung Pay - virtualizza carta


Match your Card

Google Pay  is available for Credit and Prepaid Cards for private Customers, Nexi Professional Credit Cards, Visa and Mastercard

Samsung Pay - virtualizza paga


You are ready to pay your purchases with Google Pay

Discover how Google Pay works

Come aggiungere una carta

Come pagare online

Come pagare nei negozi

Google Pay is available on all  Android smartphone equipped with NFC technology.

For more information consut the pages Supporto di Google

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