The PIN is the personal identification number assigned to the credit card that allows you to withdraw cash at ATMs and to pay by Card without the need to sign the receipt for the seller, both in Italy and abroad. The PIN must never be kept together with the Card, but committed to memory and kept in a safe place.

In the case of new or duplicate issue of your credit or debit card, the PIN code is sent separately in another envelope directly to your home address.
For prepaid cards, the PIN is indicated in the letter accompanying the Card.

Yes, for credit and debit cards you will receive the PIN in a sealed envelope separately from the Card directly at your home address.
The PIN must be kept secret and should not be written on the Card or kept together with the Card.
There is no duplicate card service for prepaid cards. In the event of blocking, you must request a new issue and, consequently, a new PIN.

For credit and debit card, the PIN does not change. You can continue to use your old PIN with the replacement Nexi card.

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