Credit limit


Credit limit

The credit/spending limit is determined by your Bank. You can ask your usual contact at the branch to change it.
If you have a Card requested online, you can ask to change your credit limit from your Online Personal Area.

The credit limit is the monthly amount that you have available on your Card based on your spending.

As a general rule on the first day of the month.

“Available credit” is the amount that you still have on your Card. It is equal to the difference between the credit limit and the amount already spent or authorized in the month.

For credit and debit cards requested via the Bank, you can ask your branch to temporarily or permanently increase your credit limit.
For credit cards issued online, requests for an increase in the credit limit must be made directly online in the Nexi Private Customers Personal Area.

Contact your Bank immediately and request a temporary increase of your credit limit.


You can ask your Bank to change your address, or you can change it yourself from your private area of the website.

If you only change agency/branch, you can keep the same Card. You will have to ask the Bank to change the debit details.

For cards requested at the Bank, contact your branch. They will send us the changes.
If you have a Card requested online, update your data directly in the Personal Area of the Nexi website.

The method of payment is agreed with your Bank. Contact your branch to request a change in accordance with your needs.
Cards requested online only allow for payment of the full balance.

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