One day you will have all you need for the best management of data protection.

That day is today.

Protection Plus is the program that supports you in every step necessary to obtain certification to the Standards PCI –DSS mandatory by International Circuits, through:

  • an application platform usable through access to App or website Nexi Business
  • a simplified tool to fill in the survey
  • a dedicated and specialistic support service 

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

Find out more on PCI-DSS for a better knowledge

If you accept electronic card payments, you have to get certified to the standards PCI-DSS

Nexi is always next to the Merchants to help them on card acceptance

About PCI - DSS

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) was designed by main International Circuits Mastercard and VISA for the protection of payment data and it defines the standards to adopt for a correct management of payment card and cardholders' data.

The rules set by PCI-DSS interest and  involve all the Merchants. As a matter of fact, all the times you accept a digital payment, you get in touch with sensitive data, among which card number, name and surname of the cardholder, PIN code. The theft of these data can lead to frauds and illegal actions. For this reason it's even more important to guarantee security of payments and your customer data protection.

Nexi digital payment acceptance systems guarantee security in all transactions either on national Circuit and International ones, but in order to guarantee data protection it is necessary to involve Merchants.

PCI-DSS certifications

Contribute of all Merchants is basic so that the measures expected by PCI-DSS for payment cards cardholders's data protection and trust become active and compliant to the set standards.

Moreover Circuits request all the Merchants to certify thier compliance to the standard PCI-DSS.

If you need help to get certified to the standard PCI–DSS, you can get access to the app or website Nexi Business and follow the instructions present on the section Protection Plus ProgramTo get certified  with Protection Plus significa means having a waiver from eventual sanctions of the Circuits in case of failure of the standards.


Data protection

Good habits

Dangers and frauds


Nexi Protection Plus Program Nexi  for Merchants

With Protection Plus Program, Nexi supports you for:

  • identify the correct survey model applicable according to the product category of memebership (e-commerce, direct sale,mail order and telephone order) and to the sales volume
  • help you with a semplified autocertification survey (8-18 questions) and guaranteeing a support in phase of filling it through an online guide and a dedicated Competence Center.
  • support you in identifying certified suppliers (ASV – Approved Scanning Vendor) recognised by PCI Council

Protection Plus benefits

Protection plus offers complete information on PCI-DSS standards. Through certification you get the following benefits:

B   Semplifcation and support to obtain certification 

y   Waiver in case of sanctions for non compliant cases 

   Reduction of the risk of card data violation

   Strengthen Customers' confidence

To find out more about Protection Plus and how to obtain PCI – DSS  certification download and register to App or get online access to Nexi Business

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