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The Merchants Portal gives you access to useful services for managing your business completely autonomously, 24 hours a day.

The Merchants Portal has information on PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) security certification, an international standard for protecting and guaranteeing credit card holder information and data, regardless of purchase method. In addition, Nexi offers an ISO 9001:2001 certified management service for complaints.

There is no charge for registering for and activating the dedicated services. To register, you will need: Company Code (in your account statement or confirmation letter), VAT number and e-mail address.

Merchants portal services

The Merchants Portal has useful, easy-to-use services for managing your Card payment receipts.

Nexi Statement of Account

With Nexi you automatically receive an online statement in order to see your transactions at any time and to check the balance of the current and previous month. You can also perform advanced searches, save the data in the format of your choice, and download all accounting documents in PDF format.

To consult the online statement, login to the reserved area with your registration data, click on “See Statement” and view your last statement of account, or the statement of the two previous months. If you prefer to receive a paper copy of your statement, you can request it by logging into the reserved area and clicking on “Cancel Service” or by contacting Customer Services.


Possibility of cancelling transactions recorded by the card reader and refunding the sum to the Customer by crediting the Nexi Statement of Account.

Customer counter

To send Nexi a request for information or any suggestions.

E-box service

A free service that allows you to receive and transmit online documentation relating to the transactions carried out by your business for which cardholders have requested clarification. You can send payment orders and card-reader receipts quickly and safely and always have an accurate picture of the procedures carried out or outstanding. The E-box service eliminates the cost of sending documents and provides a guarantee of reception of Nexi documentation. It also allows you to monitor each procedure and to keep an electronic record of the requests received. To activate the service, register on the Nexi website, login to the Reserved Area and subscribe to E-box. You need optical archiving tools or a scanner (formats accepted by Nexi are PDF, TIF and JPG) and Acrobat Reader on your computer. Nexi will confirm registration by email. If you do not have the necessary tools, you can request activation of the fax service. For more information on the E-box service, ring Customer Services or write to us from the Merchants Portal customer counter by clicking on “Information Request/E-box".


Nexi has an ISO 9001:2001-certified management service for complaints.

XPay back-office payment gateway

With a number of information services, devices and advanced features such as the ability to generate multiuser profiled access.

Information services and devices

For those who carry out remote sales through the XPay payment gateway.

Discover the new way to manage your online activity with Nexi Business.

Nexi Business is designed to give to our Merchants a tool for

  • Monitoring, in real time, the status and the details of transactions
  • Compare the trend of the stores in the same geographical area or product category
  • Access your accounting documents (invoices and statements)
  • Make reversals of the last 2 months transactions in total autonomy

Nexi Business is free and you can log in from any device:

  1. From the Web site:
  2. From Tablet and Smartphone with the app for iOS and Android:App Store or Google Play  

It is mandatory to register following the guided procedure. You only need: your VAT number, the last four numbers of the bank account on which you receive the credits from Nexi or alternatively, the “Linea Diretta” code on your POS..

Nexi Business
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