Manage your business with a simple gesture

Nexi Business is a new App designed to provide our Merchants with an innovative tool for monitoring transactions, while having an overall view of business results and those of other Merchants.

Monitoring and managing your business will be as easy as using your smartphone

For having an overall, detailed vision of all your in-store and online transactions and all relevant statistics.

To see results for the day, the week and the month or even comparing different periods.

For comparing the performance of your business with respect to other Merchants, selected based on geographical area and market segment for a specific period.

For accessing all your accounting documents (invoices, bank statements). For directly managing reversals.

From today, Nexi Business, anytime, anywhere, now right by your side.

Download the App, register and access all App features.

Nexi Business

Before starting the registration process, remember to have on hand a receipt from a purchase made at your store in the last two days.

Need help?
Need help?