Business services

Everything you need to operate securely and easily. Nexi offers a whole range of information and security services. Nexi is an experienced, reliable provider of services to simplify your work and make it more efficient.

Payment management services for Nexi retailers

Nexi Business

Nexi Business is the new App, also available in a desktop version, which allows you to view all accounting documents and keep sales and business performance under control, monitoring transactions in a timely manner, obtaining analyses of the results and comparing the sales trends with that of competitors.

Merchants Portal

Being registered on the Nexi Merchants Portal means having access to a reserved area with a wide range of useful business services, such as automatically receiving an online statement, carrying out advanced searches, saving data and obtaining information on PCI DSS certification. And Nexi offers an ISO 9001:2001 certified management service for any complaints.

Nexi online portal services for retailers
Nexi Business Portal

Business Portal

The portal for Business Customers to manage and consult, with a single tool, all information relating to your business cards and the services offered by Nexi.

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