Nexi Professional

The convenient card for Companies and their employees.

Nexi Professional Credit Card

Nexi Professional credit card allows both work and personal expenses to be charged to employee current accounts, enabling the Company to eliminate cash advances and operating expenses. In addition, employees can count on a prestigious and exclusive payment tool.

Benefits for Companies

  • Reduction of cash advances
  • Maximum flexibility: the possibility to decide the percentage of costs to be paid by the Company and the percentage to be paid by the employee
  • The annual fee (if the Company pays it) and the cost of sending a paper copy of the statement are tax deductible for the Company
  • Possibility to customise the Cards with the company logo or with an ad hoc card design.
Benefits for employees
  • Spendable worldwide
  • Expense is postponed until the last day of the month following purchases, even for personal expenses
  • A single monthly statement with details of spending with the Card
  • Free online Nexi Card services are available from the Private Customers’ Reserved Area or the Nexi Pay App at any time
  • Use of #iosi
  • 3D Secure fraud protection to protect your online credit card purchases
  • Nexi Pay app notifications or Text Alert services to keep spending with the Card under control 
  • Free insurance policies and support services.
How to request Nexi Professional

Interested Companies should contact the Info Line on 199 13 10 10, Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm; call charges apply.* Or contact your Bank. Companies that are already Customers should contact their Account/Sales Manager.

*Maximum cost of call: €0.1188 per minute + VAT from landlines; from a mobile phone, costs vary depending on the service provider used.

Nexi Professional features

For information contact your Bank or see the transparency section on our website. Annual fees, as well as the cost of sending a paper statement, are tax deductible for Companies.

Minimum of €2,600

In one instalment.

On the employee’s current account with a value date of the last day of the month following purchases.

Free, provided by Assicurazioni Generali.

Nexi provides ongoing support, thanks to multichannel Customer Services.

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Advertising message with promotional purpose. For more information, refer to the fact sheets available in the Transparency section.

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