Nexi Corporate

This credit card is ideal for medium to large Companies, multinational corporations and public bodies.

Nexi Corporate Credit Card

Nexi Corporate is a credit card tailor-made to optimise cash transactions, perfect for large Companies, multinational corporations and public bodies in which most of the staff travels frequently for work.

Nexi Corporate allows Companies to unite travel, purchasing and marketing expenses in a single payment tool, charging the Company current account and keeping a sharp eye on spending with a detailed statement, while reducing or eliminating travel cash advances.

Nexi Corporate is available on the VISA or Mastercard international circuits, in Basic, Gold and Black versions (the latter only upon invitation, available only on the Mastercard circuit).

Companies can also request Cards with custom graphics and special Company protection insurance coverage, thereby eliminating liability in the event of employee cardholders making unauthorised fraudulent purchases.

Corporate Card benefits

  • Reduction in cash advances for travel expenses
  • Simplification of business trip purchases 
  • Different spending limits for each employee’s Card
  • Corporate Liability Waver insurance coverage to protect the Company in the event of employee cardholders making fraudulent purchases
  • Reporting system on the website
  • Possibility to customise the Card design with the Company logo 
  • Possibility to expand the range of Cards in accordance with the company’s administrative requirements
  • Contactless payments.

How to request Nexi Corporate

Interested Companies should contact the Info Line on 199 13 10 10, Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm; call charges apply.* Or contact your Bank.
Companies that are already Customers can contact their Account/Sales Manager.

*Maximum cost of call: €0.1188 per minute + VAT from landlines; from a mobile phone, costs vary depending on the service provider used.

Nexi Corporate features

For information, contact your Bank or see the transparency section on our website. The annual fees, as well as the cost of sending a paper statement, are tax deductible for Companies.

  • Nexi Corporate: minimum €2,600 
  • Nexi Corporate Gold: minimum €5,200 
  • Nexi Corporate Black: high credit limits.

In one instalment.

In the Company’s current account with a value date of the last day of the month following the purchases.

  • 24-hour Customer Services
  • PriorityPass: free, unlimited access to over 850 VIP lounges on the Priority Pass circuit, in airports in over 400 cities worldwide 
  • 24-hour Concierge service
  • Personal Planner Service.

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