Nexi Business Commercial

The Card with solutions and benefits for your business

Nexi Business Credit Card

Nexi Business is a credit card designed especially for freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises, which provides solutions for all types of work expenses (travel, client-related expenses, purchases).

It allows the reduction or elimination of cash advances and keeps a close eye on spending; it has clear, useful reporting, services and benefits to grow your business as well as a free insurance policy.

Nexi Business is available on the international VISA or Mastercard circuits as: 

  • Basic / Nexi Card
  • Oro / Gold, for those who require a higher monthly limit (€5,200) with better insurance coverage 
  • Black (by invitation only, available on the Mastercard circuit).

Nexi Business is also available in a Confindustria version, only for Companies affiliated with Confindustria.

Business benefit

  • Check the costs of a Business Card online: holders of Cards charged to a personal current account should access the Private Customers' Reserved Area, while holders of Cards charged to a Company current account should access the Business Portal Reserved Area
  • Full multirisk insurance coverage, plus medical and legal assistance, and a secure-purchase policy
  • A telephone and online Travel Agency entirely dedicated to business travel
  • Contactless payments.
How to request Nexi Business

Contact one of the Nexi Partner Banks.

Nexi Business Card features

For information contact your Bank or see the transparency area on our website. 

Annual fees, as well as the cost of sending a paper statement, are tax deductible for Companies.

  • Nexi Business minimum €1,300
  • Nexi Business Gold minimum €5,200 
  • Nexi Business Black high credit limits.

In one instalment*.

*With Nexi Business for professionals, payment by instalments is available at the discretion of the issuing Bank.

The current account for work-related expenses is charged on the fifteenth day of the month following the related purchases.

  • Customer Service: 24-hour operator service
  • Business and Travel Agency Service.


  • Priority Pass: free, unlimited access to over 850 VIP lounges on the Priority Pass circuit, in airports in over 400 cities worldwide 
  • 24-hour Concierge service 
  • Personal Planner service.
Nexi Business gives you ongoing support, thanks to multichannel Customer Services. 

Nexi Business Gold Customer Services: 24-hour operator service.

Discover the other Nexi cards for Companies

Nexi Corporate Credit Card

The credit card is ideal for large Companies, multinational corporations and public bodies.

Nexi Professional Credit Card

The credit card that enables Companies to eliminate cash advances and administration expenses.

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