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Nexi corporate credit cards are tailored to the needs of freelancers and businesses of all sizes and offer benefits in terms of security, ease of payment, support, and purchasing protection.


Credit cards

Nexi Business Commercial

The credit card that reduces or eliminates cash advances and allows precise control of spending.

Nexi Business Credit Card
Nexi Corporate Credit Card

Nexi Corporate

The credit card that allows a Company to unite travel expenses, purchasing and marketing in a single payment tool.

Nexi Professional

The credit card that allows both work and personal expenses to be charged to employee current accounts.

Nexi Professional Credit Card

Nexi Business credit card benefits

From expense deferment to free insurance, from constant assistance to protection against fraud: Nexi Business and professional credit cards offer all the tools you need to conduct your business in the most efficient and secure manner.

With Nexi, Companies and freelancers can rely on the convenience of deferring expenses: purchases made with the Cards are charged

  • On 15th of the following month (with Nexi Business)
  • The last day of the following month (Nexi Corporate and Nexi Professional). All with no additional fees.*

* With the exception of: refuelling in Italy, which has a service surcharge of € 0.77 for each transaction equal to or greater than € 100; and cash withdrawals, with a fixed surcharge of 4% on the amount withdrawn (minimum € 0.52 for euro transactions; € 5.16 for transactions in foreign currencies).

Report transactions on your Card that you do not recognise to Nexi Customer Services and block any unauthorised charges.

In the event of fraud, you are guaranteed total reimbursement of the expense and replacement of the credit card with a duplicate with a different number.

In addition, by activating free Text Alerts or Nexi Pay App Notifications, you always keep all charges made with your Card under control and are immediately notified of any transactions not authorised by you.

Subscription to the Text Alert Service or activation of Nexi Pay Notifications ensure comprehensive protection against fraud and other risks that may arise from theft or loss of the Card.

Nexi credit cards have completely free insurance coverage for the protection of purchases, ensuring greater security and a series of useful, customised support services (medical, legal, health, automotive). The coverage provided includes:

  • Delays due to late departure, flight cancellation, denied boarding, late departure, missed connecting flight abroad, delayed delivery of luggage abroad; depending on the inconvenience incurred, reimbursement of expenses incurred for hotel accommodation, meals and the purchase of any basic needs
  • Missing or arriving late to conferences or congresses abroad. For details, see the Multirisk Insurance Terms and Conditions.

With Nexi credit cards, you can make contactless payments at many points of sale. A simple gesture: yours. Touch your Card on the card reader and in seconds your payment will be authorised.

For payments of € 25 or less, there is no need to sign the receipt. If the amount exceeds € 25, you have to sign the receipt or enter the PIN, as with a traditional card reader.

Nexi corporate credit cards ensure complete assistance and control from anywhere, 24 hours a day, thanks to:
  • Nexi Customer Services 
  • Holders of Cards charged to a personal current account can access the reserved area for Private Customer Reserved Area while holders of Cards charged to a company current account can access the Business Portal reserved area
  • Free Text Alert service information.
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