Nexi Value: added value services for merchants

Nexi solutions for merchants include a range of added value services that puts at the center different needs of each merchant.


ZERO fees on digital payments acceptance up to 10€


Nexi refunds fees for payments up to 10€, accepted with credit, debit and prepaid cards Visa, Mastercard and PagoBANCOMAT®. Refund is enabled by Nexi Business.
Promotion end on 2022/12/31

Nexi Business

Monitor your business


In order to monitor all data of your transaction volumes and the business performance of your sales, compared with previous months or compared with merchants of the same product category and enable services and promotions designed especially for you. Download App or sign in the website, it is free.


Protection Plus

Protection Plus: safety for sales


Obtain, through Nexi PCI-DSS Certification, mandatory required by international circuits, in order to protect data of your customers’ cards with PCI-DSS Certification.


24/7 Assistance


A service designed for every kind of assistance on su POS, payment systems or services in general, Customer Service is always ready to answer, 24 hours, including weekends.


Installation, servicing and guaranteed technical assistance

A Service that provides, trough qualified technicians, installation, configuration, operation assessment and merchant training.

We have always invested in a quick and reliable assistance. So far we provide different solutions, frome phone support 24 hours, every day, to on site assistance with a team of technical experts.

Smart technical Assistance

Phone assistance service always at your disposal 24-hours, every day. In-store assistance by a technician within 8 hours starting from the beginning of assistance (in working hours from Monday to Saturday)

Premium technical Assistance

If you activate Premium Assistance you have the guarantee of in-store assistance by qualified technician with priority within dedicated and short time. Assistance is guaranteed in maximum 4 hours starting from the beginning of assistance also during weekends.
(Service subject to availability according to geographical area).

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