One day you’ll be able to accept invisible payments.
That day is today.

Payments will be increasingly invisible.


A process that starts and finishes without queuing at the check-out: the store becomes the venue for an ideal purchasing experience based on just choices and services, and no waste of time. With all Nexi’s experience in the field of payments and security.

For retail chains but also fashion and food services, and services like oil and vending machines, we’re making the purchasing experience increasingly simple, fast, secure, and pleasing. A simple and innovative way of payments for a new contactless customer experience in-store.

How to navigate the world of Invisible Payments


The act of paying becomes automatic and “invisible”: the physical act of payment is all but eliminated, so time is spent solely on the purchase and use of the service.
From a ‘one-click’ to a 'zero-click’ experience.




Payment is made in e-commerce mode via an app or website or in-store thanks to storage of your card. This makes payment “invisible” whatever the channel.



Merchants can offer their customers a new experience, centered solely on the pleasurable moment of choosing and purchasing the goods or service.


Choose XPay PRO to accept Invisible Payments

The XPay PRO service is the channel that enables you to accept Invisible services with the maximum security of the Nexi experience. With XPay, you save your customer’s card data, securely, at their first transaction, so that on subsequent payments, whatever the channel, they can have a 'one-click' or 'zero-click' payment experience.


Invisible Payments Stories


My petrol pump has become an innovative workstation.

Going to a petrol pump, filling up, and paying from your phone without having to go to a check-out.

Supplying fuel is more secure for me because I can track the digital “identikit” of my customers and they pay securely and feel loyalized.


Shopping by scanning products and paying for them with my smartphone, in a single action.

I learn my customers’ tastes, I loyalize them with special promotions and have greater control over goods in stock. All they need is an app.



We help improve the traffic in town.

Using a car sharing service and paying by simply getting out of the car at the end of the service.

My customers who enjoy a rental experience everyday don’t actually  perceive the payment process because it happens automatically and in total security.



We give away extra minutes of relaxation.

On my own or with friends, enjoying every minute of the meal without wasting time paying the bill at check-out.

In the lunch break, every minute is important. We enable our customers to avoid long queues and the stress of the bill at check-out by enabling them to pay via an app.