One day you will be able to sell on social media in a simple and secure way.
That day is today with Nexi Social Commerce.

Turn social sharing into sales.

Easily add and sell products on Facebook and Instagram to allow customers and prospects to browse and shop within their favorite social media channels, thanks to partnerships with eDock and e-motion.


For the organization of your catalogue, from stock availability to price management and sales processes.


For online acceptance of all digital payment methods in total simplicity and security.


For choosing the best available offer of the courier in terms of delivery times.

Choose the best offer to sell with Social Commerce

servizio clienti

For a more accurate service, each of the 3 partners has its own Call Center. If you have difficulty in specific moments of the operations you are carrying out, therefore refer to the direct contact of the service:

Contact Nexi support 800.97.00.98 (Italy)