One day you can accept invisible payments.

That day is today.


Discover the XPay solution to offer your customers a shopping experience where payment becomes an imperceptible operation

With XPay Pro you can accept payments online, in apps and in-store and provide your customers with a safe, fast and convenient "invisible payment" experience within your physical or virtual store.


Invisible payments  allow you to create payment experiences for your customers where the payment mechanism disappears in the background, becoming more or less invisible, with service fruition in the foreground.

How to orient yourself in the world of Invisible Payments


The action of paying becomes automatic and "invisible": the explicit payment action is almost eliminated to leave time only to purchase and to the use of the service. From 'one click' to 'zero-click experience'.
From ‘one click’ to 'zero-click experience'.


Payment is made via e-commerce in the app, on the website or in the store by the tokenization of the card: in this way it can be "invisible" on any channel.


The Merchant can imagine a new experience for his Client: it remains only the pleasant moment of the choice and purchase of the good or service.


Choose XPay to accept Invisible Payments


You will save the buyer's card in its first transaction, so he will use it "invisibly" for subsequent payments on any channel.
Enter the code GOINVISIBLE2019 to take advantage of the offer:


instead of €29
monthly fee


instead of 2,9%
di merchant commission*


anzichè €0,25
fee for transaction

* € 7.5 one-time fee + € 2.5 month acquiring fee in euro including the Protection Plus Program
2€ for anti-money laundering credit transfer
No activation fees, no cancellation fees, no contract-closing fees

What XPay offers for Invisible Payments

  • Tokenization of the customer's card
  • Acceptance of payments from all over the world and on the main international circuits
  • The recurring services that, through the memorization of the card, allow the merchant to trigger invisible payments
  • The acceptance of payments in invisible mode also through PayPal and Amazon Pay
  • Compliance with all existing security protocols
  • An online back office with advanced reporting and fully integrated with the merchant's management system

Case histories


Invisible payments for the eco-sustainable scooter service.

MiMoto, the first Made in Italy electric scooter sharing service, relied on Nexi's experience to manage its real time payments, guaranteeing its users maximum security in terms of privacy and data collection. MiMoto has built the perfect User Experience together with Nexi, so that the user does not enter payment data after each trip but through an instant payment mechanism using Card On File technology.



A simple and fast payment experience.

The electric car sharing service, relied on Nexi for the management of real time payments in the App, guarantees its users maximum security in terms of privacy and data collection. The On File Card system guarantees the optimal user experience, fast and secure, and making the payment transaction imperceptible.


Eni car sharing

Eni has entrusted us with the management of the payment for the rental of the red Fiat 500, guaranteeing its users the necessary security at the time of closing the service, with a quick checkout and completely under control.