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Electronic payment acceptance

Accept payments with Nexi, broaden your horizons

Nexi allows you to accept payments with Cards on all the main international circuits including Visa, Mastercard, the Japanese JCB and Chinese UnionPay, as well as the PagoBANCOMAT debit circuit.

Being affiliated with Nexi allows you accept payments with credit, prepaid and debit cards issued on the main International Circuits on the part of millions of foreign and Italian Customers, and take advantage of numerous useful services.

The crediting of payments for your sales is immediate and secure.

Nexi accepts point-of-sale, e-commerce website, and mobile payments, and there are solutions for telephone and mail-order sales, automatic payments and much more.

With Nexi you can also accept payments from a smartphone made with the Nexi Pay App for Nexi cardholders.

Nexi Pay allows the Customer to pay securely and quickly directly from a smartphone, both at a point of sale with a contactless card reader and remotely for online sales.


See below for all the features and information required for both options.

International payment card acceptance circuits

Visa is an association of about 21,000 Banks and other Financial Institutions worldwide which operates a global IT procedures, systems and international regulations platform for the management of a credit card payment system.
For further information see the Visa website. 

V-Pay is the Visa Europe debit card (cash withdrawal and payment) based entirely on Chip&PIN technology.
For further information, see the V-Pay website.

Mastercard is an association of Banks and Financial Institutions which manages and regulates, on an international level, the acceptance of credit cards issued on the Mastercard and Maestro circuits.
For further information, see the Mastercard website. 

Maestro is the Mastercard debit card circuit which guarantees international payments and cash withdrawals from PIN-based technology Bank accounts.
For further information, see the Maestro website.

 JCB is the most widespread credit card provider circuit in Japan and has become a very well-known international trademark with about 31.9 million affiliated retailers and 100.9 million cards worldwide in more than 190 countries.

All Nexi affiliated retailers are capable of accepting, without additional costs, JCB circuit Cards, in addition to Visa and Mastercard cards. JCB has a high purchasing potential market corridor and there is the possibility of being included in the exclusive spending guides JCB produces for its Customers. 

You can consult the JCB spending guides online or in the information brochures distributed at the JCB Plaza* in Rome and Milan. 

* For all hotels and restaurants: JCB cardholders often turn to JCB Plaza for information on special offers and help with reservations. If you are an affiliated JCB retailer and have special offers for JCB cardholders, send a written request to: JCB International Italy - Marketing Department - Via Barberini 47 - 00187 Rome.

For further information, see the JCB Europe website.

How to request a JCB agreement

For a JCB agreement, contact your Bank. As soon as your agreement is enabled, you will receive a letter of confirmation and a JCB window sticker.

Every year about one million Chinese people visit Italy, and the number is growing steadily. Therefore, the extension of the Nexi agreement to UnionPay (UPI), the only Chinese circuit, enriches the range of services at your disposal, thereby facilitating the potential growth of your business.

UnionPay International, a subsidiary of China UnionPay, has extended acceptance of their Cards to more than 150 countries, with over 40 million Cards issued in more than 40 countries outside of China and 26 million affiliated retailers worldwide.

For further information, see the UnionPay International website.

How to request UPI affiliation and accept their Cards
Accepting UnionPay Cards is easy. Simply ask for a licence to accept the Cards, adapt the card reader and display the appropriate window sticker:

Please note that UnionPay International Cards can only be accepted with a card reader (it is not possible to accept UnionPay card transactions with a manual credit-card imprinter); with magnetic-strip Cards the Customer has to enter the Card’s PIN and sign the receipt issued by the card reader even if the PIN has been entered (chip-enabled cards are EMV compliant).

PagoBANCOMAT is the Italian debit card circuit with which a current-account holder can make purchases of goods and services at affiliated retailers.

Each transaction is debited from the current account of the cardholder, without any additional costs.

In addition to the PagoBANCOMAT function, which is limited to Italy, it is possible to use the debit card on the V-Pay and Maestro international circuits. For further information see the Bancomat website.

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