CBI Services for Corporations

Today, the CBI community consists of approximately 700 Banks and 995,000 Companies, and Nexi performs the GPA function for 80 Banks and 275,000 Companies, with the processing of over 600,000 daily transactions, leading the market together with Bassilichi.

The CBI service has two roles:

1) Bank providing facilities: hosts the front-end system for the management of electronic transactions to the company
2) Receiving Bank: the company has its current account here.

Our services

Corporate Banking services for Companies composed of two main modules, which can be activated separately and integrated into a single package:

Authorised technical system, supplying front-end products for businesses.
Fast Digital Invoicing 

Solutions for document management and electronic invoicing for business-to-business, business-to-government and business-to-consumer.

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Need help?