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The Digital Corporate Banking service offers solutions for large corporations and small businesses and retailers.

Nexi Digital Corporate Banking services integrate both the CBI services, for which Nexi is the market leader, and high-value services such as the Fast Digital Invoicing platform for the management of electronic invoicing. Thanks to the interactive All4You portal, it is possible to monitor all the solutions included in these services in real time.

CBI Services for Corporations

Services that allow companies to send payment provisions to their banks through a single front-end system.

CBI Services for Corporations
Fast Digital Invoicing services

Fast Digital Invoicing Services

Electronic invoicing is the crucial point of the order-payment process, creating greater cohesion between the Business World and Banks.

The Fast Digital Invoicing platform provides the following services for Customers:

  • Electronic invoicing from and to the public administration
  • Digital archiving of documents
  • Advance invoicing thanks to the platform’s direct access to the Ministry for the Economy and Finance certification credits.


The interactive portal allows for real-time monitoring of all services of interest thanks to a dashboard that provides KPIs, SLA and statistical data on individual services together with information and news.


Certification Authority and Payment Security

Nexi boasts a consolidated and certified technology infrastructure that guarantees high levels of reliability, disaster recovery and full support for all Certification Authority (CA) and Payment Security services.


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