Certification Authority & Payment Security

Since December 2012, Nexi S.p.A. has been an accredited certifier, authorised by the AgID, providing Certification Authority (CA) and Payment Security services. Our service has also obtained eIDAS certification, enabling Customers to provide and receive trusted services in all EU countries.

As CA accredited certifier EIDAS, the services offered are:

  • Digital signature: USB tokens and smart cards
  • Remote digital signature: Strong Authentication Token
  • Signing contracts in paperless mode through video conference recognition systems, payments by bank draft or credit card and activation of remote online signature certificates
  • Certificates and processes for advanced electronic signatures.

As non-qualified CA the services offered by Nexi are:

  • Issuing encryption certificates (AES-256) usable on the SITRAD (interbank data transmission system) circuit
  • Emission of authentication certificates (SSL Client)
  • Strong Authentication: tools and services for One-Time Passwords (via smartphone App, physical token, text message, incoming call, etc.).

Organisation of training courses and specialist consultancy of digital signatures and the integration of signature services into Customer processes.

One of the most recent and innovative Certification Authority services is the signing of contracts in paperless mode, an application that allows a Company's Customer to digitally sign contracts in a few simple steps.

Certification Authority - Paperless - Nexi online contract signing service

The Service consists of:

  • A mobile App that allows sales executives and/or representatives to fill out forms and/or contracts. Provision of a digital signature OTP token through the Nexi Certification Authority
  • Archiving of contracts on the Nexi Fast Digital Invoicing platform, in accordance with the law
  • Sending contract data to the Company system in order to automate database and subsequent document management.

The entire process is fast and safe and allows:

  • Acquisition of digital data on the go, which is made available immediately
  • Validation of the contract by means of a Remote Digital Signature
  • Sending of the signed PDF contract, both to the Customer and the Nexi systems for immediate storage
  • Reduction in data entry and/or archiving costs
  • Elimination of data compilation errors
  • The multichannel application easily adapts to the specific needs of all kinds of Customers and Companies.

Payment Security services

Tools for generating One-Time Passwords (OTP)

Incoming call, text message, display and USB OTP token, OTP Client app and USB tokens.

Certificates issued by qualified certification authority

Smart cards, USB and remote tokens (also with an automatic procedure), Paperless and Advanced electronic Signature.

Certificates issued by the uncertified certification authority

SSL client, Encryption certificates (AES-256) and Strong Authentication stand alone.


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