Business opportunities walk in every day with Nexi

With Nexi as your partner, business opportunities will become a daily event. Today, you are free to accept all payments. Because, with Nexi, all mobile digital solutions become a new business opportunity. Also, Nexi offers advanced digital payments for Corporate Businesses and complex organisations and the most up-to-the-minute solutions for small, independent businesses, sole traders, professionals and artisan businesses.

A choice of services tailor-made to fit all business ideas

Choosing Nexi means accepting new opportunities and broadening the horizons of your business. With Nexi, every business finds its own dimension thanks to solutions that are tailor-made for the given industry and sales volumes. Services that fit your business like a glove.

For points of sale

A wide range of card reader models and solutions capable of accepting all payment cards: Italian and foreign.

For mobile sales

Tools that follow your business, enabling you to accept electronic payments anywhere.

For e-commerce sales

New online payment solutions for e-commerce.

For hotels and car rentals

To manage the accounting of all steps of a hotel stay or car rental, before and after.

For telephone and mail-order sales

A virtual card reader for accepting remote payments.

Payments from ATM/Web for Billers

For Billers who want to offer their end Customers the option of paying utilities and recharges directly from ATM and Web channels.

The right Cards for your business

Nexi business credit cards offer Corporate Businesses, SMEs, Sole traders and Professionals the simplest way to manage payments, in addition to peace of mind knowing that they have a secure and advantageous method for controlling expenses. They incorporate full contactless technology, as well as offering free insurance cover for all Card purchases and a series of support services which may be used for your business. They also guarantee 24/7 support, thanks to Nexi Customer Service, also active 24 hours and full reimbursement of purchase amounts in the case of fraud.

Credit Card for Nexi Businesses
Payment Services for Businesses

Payment Services

Nexi dedicates a full range of payment service to Businesses, specifically designed for each different profile, created with the aim of simplifying day-to-day operativity of end Customers and guaranteeing integration of the various devices used, thanks to a high technological and qualitative standard.

A solution with you every step of the way

With Nexi, you will find the perfect tools every time for enhancing your payment services. An extraordinary offering with advanced Digital Corporate Banking platforms, also anticipating the introduction of PSD2, designed for meeting the requirements of all businesses. We will be there for you every step of the way.

Digital Corporate Banking for Businesses
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