ACH (Automated Clearing House) Services & Network Management

Central in the Payment Services offering for the interbank world, Nexi offers own Customers the possibility to adhere, both directly and indirectly, to the Domestic ACH service (Application Centre) for domestic procedures and to the Pan-European ACH for SEPA area services.
Nexi, together with the Bank of Italy’s BiComp system, also acts as a Clearing Settlement Mechanism (CSM). Nexi’s ACH prepares all information resulting from the exchange of payments as needed in order to clear the debit and credit positions of the system’s participants and to determine the balances to be settled.

Domestic ACH

Technology and experience

The Automated Clearing House in the domestic sector allows its members to use services compliant with interbank standards, relating to the management of collection and payment instructions.
The services concern the acquisition of flows and messages sent by Banks relating to payment instructions, diagnosis of the information received and subsequent forwarding to recipient Banks, calculation of interbank charges, and production of the accounting summaries necessary for the generation of balances for the settlement phase in BiComp.
As part of Domestic ACH services, Nexi also offers:

  • Customisable Payment Management Applications
  • Treasury and Domestic ACH Concentrator Services
  • SEDA Alignment Bank Service.

Pan-European ACH – SEPA

Evolution is exchange

The Nexi ACH enables members to exchange the following payment instructions, also in Europe, with the offer of the following instruments

  • SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT)
  • SEPA Direct Debit (SDD), both Core as well as Business to Business.

An additional service is SEPA Electronic Database Alignment (SEDA) for the exchange between the creditor company and the Bank of the debtor of electronic files containing the information in the instructions.
Nexi SEPA ACH services guarantee compliance with the rules and criteria established by the EPC - European Payments Council - for the SEPA regulation for the services offered.

ACH Instant Payments

Pay in an instant

In addition to traditional credit transfers, Nexi provides the interbank management of money transfers, making the amount available on the beneficiary's account in less than 10 seconds.
An advanced Instant Payment platform has been developed with an open infrastructure, which guarantees interoperability and payment traceability and, thanks to a peripheral device, easy integration with Banks' systems.

ACH Instant Payments