Responsive, evolves Wealth Team Performance

Banks, Insurers and Wealth managers use Responsive to help financial advisors perform better with a convenient, personalized experience for clients.

Responsive's key differentiator is a Next Best Action solution that enhances frontline advisor productivity to upgrade:

  1. asset
  2. client retention and loyalty
  3. compliance and risk management 
  4. lifecycle detection. 

Responsive aggregates fragmented data, detects events, and notifies advisors of impactful actions that strengthen relationships and revenue.

Responsive is working with Nexi Open to be a partner providing wealth management and analytics solutions.   

Responsive is working with Nexi to integrate Responsive’s core AI software with Nexi’s core open banking platform. The two partners will co-sell the integrated solution to European banks, wealth managers and insurance companies. This integration and regionalization project will make it easier and more cost-effective for Nexi’s bank clients to deploy and use Responsive’s solutions with Nexi’s open banking platform.