Experian, the ideal partner for innovative credit management  

Experian offers a unique combination of data and analytics, providing solutions and services across the entire credit cycle for the prevention of credit and fraud risks. Experian Italia provides accurate customer management from the acquisition phase (acceptance process, digital onboarding, digital lending, fraud prevention) up to the relationship management (customer management, strategy optimization, debt collection), minimizing credit and fraud risks, reducing operational costs and increasing the profitability of your portfolios.

Experian is the most advanced Credit Information System (CIS) in Italy and provides the Italian financial system with a range of services that aim to lead the way in terms of depth and breadth of data, technology and risk systems. The powerful Analytics solutions also integrate analysis tools, software and consultancy, enabling clients to optimally use the available information assets and to efficiently manage their relationship with their market.

With its open banking platform, Experian is able to manage the entire end-to-end flow of information in a flexible and effective way, both within a fully digital 'journey' at the origination stage of a loan, and within early warning to improve collection management, for both consumers and businesses.