Datomize, we liberate the use of ‘Personal data’ 

At Datomize we liberate the use of ‘Personal data’ (PII) to enable collaboration and accelerate innovation

To overcome the use of personal data under the privacy regulations (GDPR CCPA, etc.), we generate high quality synthetic data that accurately represents the production data without the risk of PII leakage or privacy regulation breaches.

Our solution helps financial organizations to solve the following:

  • Development and training of AI/ML: Replacing real sensitive data for extracting patterns and insights using machine learning techniques. Moreover, it is used for data augmentation for improving ML based results, and for easily acquiring more labeled training data which is expensive to manually annotate.
  • Agile development and DevOps: Artificially generated data is the better choice as it eliminates the need to wait for ‘real’ data also known as ‘test data’. This will lead to decreased test time and increased flexibility and agility during development.
  • Marketing: Synthetic data allows marketing units to run detailed, individual-level simulations to improve marketing spend. Such simulations would not be allowed without user consent due to GDPR however synthetic data, which follows the properties of real data, can be reliably used in simulation
  • Research: To help better understand the format of real sensitive data that cannot be shared, develop an understanding of its specific statistical properties, tune parameters for related algorithms, or build preliminary models