Instant Payments: the future of money transfer is digital

Available soon for all our partner banks

Innovation is a word that describes a constantly evolving world, connected and able to respond in real time to the new needs.

Today digital tools are drivers that support services offering new solutions that will completely change everyday's life as we know it.

Choosing Instant Payments means choosing a platform for the interbank management of IBAN-based real time payments, that guarantees maximum security and traceability of payment.

Nexi Instant Payments service works in a simple way and allows you to significantly reduce the time of money transfer with immediate payment, also from mobile.

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New potential revenues for the Bank

  • Additional remuneration for the instant service operation
  • Expansion of the commercial offer to both corporate customers and private individuals
  • Acquisition of new market shares, on transactions that nowadays are dominated by other payment methods and by other players
  • Positioning of the Bank's image on the idea of innovation

It is mandatory to start immediately

  • To acquire Market shares
  • To become digital innovatorin payment services world
  • To anticipate technical know how for future expansions
  • To develop dedicated and tailored made offers for Customers

Since 2018, the transfer limit may be increased at the central level of the EPC each year. The limit can be increased even earlier, through bilateral / multilateral agreements.

Customer benefits

For those who pay

  • Instant payments, even in cases of urgency
  • Familiarity with the type of transaction (bank transfer)
  • Simplicity of use also via mobile
  • Security in transactions
  • Reduction of the use of cash

For those who collect

  • Optimization of working time management
  • Reduction of cash tensions and liquidity
  • Guarantee of payment
  • Less difficulty in obtaining credit.
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Other components of the Instant Payments offer

  • Use cases consultancy: support for the definition of the value proposition and the economics for different use cases according to the needs of the bank and its customers
  • Gateway: makes the service available in complete multi-channel / even in outsourcing
  • Intermediation service: financial technique to minimize impacts for banks

Why Nexi is the best choice


A platform already tested within its international network and supported by dedicated technical advice.


Competitive times and costs thanks to Gateway availability, also in outsourcing


One-stop shop, a solution that allows you to oversee the entire value chain of Instant Payments

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