Digital Corporate Banking

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ACH & Infrastructural Services


We give Banks and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) access to the world of domestic and international payments, offering them the opportunity to join either directly or indirectly the Application Centre of Italy’s RNI (Rete Nazionale Interbancaria - national interbank network) for domestic services as well as the Automated Clearing House (ACH) for SEPA (Single European Payments Area) services. We can therefore support Banks in handling all Clearing & Settlement processes.


Intermediation & Settlement


Our solutions enable even small entities, which are inherently outsourcing-oriented, to access the world of payments, domestic settling, SEPA, Cross Border, Target2 and Setif payments. Nexi also acts as Settlement Agent with international networks to settle credit/debit card transactions. This set of services also includes intermediation and settlement between partner Banks and billers of payments such as utility bills and mobile top-ups made via ATM and Web.

Instant Payments

Instant Payments


The Instant Payments platform is designed to handle the Clearing & Settlement of real-time, IBAN-based interbank payments.
The system is based on an open infrastructure, guaranteeing the highest level of security, payment traceability and a seamless integration with Banks’ systems. We use a consolidated, cutting-edge technological platform to provide our Customer with the highest level of reliability.


Digital Corporate Banking

We develop and operate Digital Corporate Banking network and node systems as well as front-end systems. Our offer is designed to provide Banks with a unique multi-channel remote banking solution for their Corporate Customers that can provide services for different targets (Corporates/Large Corporates, Small Businesses, Managing Agents, Bankruptcy Judges, etc.) and be integrated with different ERPs. We have become the market leader thanks to a platform that combines the Bank’s in-house services as well as those of the CBI Consortium and is open to constantly evolving value-added services that can be activated separately. These include the E/Mobile Banking Corporate platform and services such as CBILL, Fast Digital Invoicing, Certification Authority and Payments Security. The integration with Bassilichi allowed us to further expand our skills and the scope of the services provided to our Partner Banks.


ATM and self banking

We support Banks in developing the ATM channel in order to make it one of the key touchpoints in the relationship with Customers, working together to identify the solution that best suits their needs. Our offers are highly specialised, reliable, and efficient, and include also some additional components such as cardless withdrawal, cash management, the DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) service, the Self-Service Teller, and the smart safe for Merchants. Our operations span the entire value chain and we providean end-to-end service to our Customers.

Open Banking Solutions

Open Banking Solutions

Our partnership with the CBI Consortium resulted in CBI Globe, the Open Banking platform that facilitates connections between Banks and Third Parties through APIs, in accordance with the new PSD2 regulation. CBI Globe represents a single access point that enables Banks to play a new role within the financial services industry (e.g. by acting as AISPs), developing services at competitive rates with reduced costs and a faster time-to-market.With CBI Globe, Banks can fully meet regulatory requirements and constantly adapt to upcoming regulatory changes.


Data Opening PSD2

In order to comply with the PSD2 regulations and to guarantee the maximum security of its customers, Nexi will make available only to the AISP (Account Information Service Provider) the informations concerning the prepaid cards whose data are already accessible online on the Nexi Payments Cardholder Portal.