We aim for continuous innovation because we believe that cash has been superseded by technology.

To bring the future to everyday life, with an uncompromising focus on the Customer: this is our idea of innovation.
We make the daily use of the technology simple while keeping a sharp eye on security, integration and management. We also support the evolution of information infrastructures into functional digital platforms to respond to the specific needs of ease of use, speed and safety.

We constantly monitor new trends and developments in technology, because it is through technology that the everyday habits of our Customers change.

We strongly believe that now is the moment to invest in the development of payment instruments.
That this is the moment to transform static plastic cards into dynamic digital experiences.
That this is the moment to transform POS terminals into state-of-the-art tools with the digital technology of business Apps, and not only for payment services.
That this is the moment to make payment services between Companies and between Individuals real-time.
That this is the moment to seize the opportunities that arise from an increasingly competitive marketplace.

In order to do all this, we have an organisation with a strong focus on innovation, including a variety of teams of experts who are able to create a cutting-edge digital experience.
Because it is through attention to detail and ease of use for the Customer that we will make a difference.
We are developing a Fin-Tech ecosystem to capture new trends that are not yet mainstream and transform them into service components for our Partner Banks.
We carefully study the evolution of the Italian and European regulatory contexts in order to identify business opportunities as they arise out of new competitive scenarios.
Our understanding and strategic and tactical interpretation of the various market phenomena are put at the disposal of our Partner Banks in order to study together the possible evolution of our services.
We have created a centre of competence specifically for Big-Data analytics in order to transform information assets into added value for all Customers, while studying the best deals for various types of Customers and their needs that have not yet been met.
We always focus on customer satisfaction in order to constantly monitor our work and the way we do it, because it is through continuous improvement that we will be able to develop relationships of trust with our Partner Banks and their Customers.

We invest continuously in technology

Investing in technology has meant investing more than 1 billion euros over five years, focusing on:

  • The renewal of infrastructure
  • The development of operations management and increasing service levels, with a constant focus on operational excellence and flexibility
  • The creation of innovative projects to guide the evolution of the market, together with our Partner Banks.

Investing in technology means investing in specialist skills.

For this reason, we have recruited the best people in the industry: services and technology experts and young talent capable of picking up on the most interesting developments and of thinking outside the box.

We have also changed our internal structure and the way we work.

For more streamlined processes focused on quality, security and innovation.

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