We are very Customer orientated and aim to satisfy through constant improvement of the customer experience and the development of multichannel Customer Care services.

Inbound and outbound call centre services

Helpline manages, for all Nexi Group companies and for other companies in the industry, pre- and post-sales support and information services, customer care services and management of promotional initiatives.

Helpline is also specialized in outbound campaigns, from surveys to the promotion activities and launch of new services and from event management to other promotional efforts.

Web interaction and back-office activities

Helpline provides web interaction and live chat services through which the Customer can converse in real-time with an operator and ask to be contacted. Our offering includes a wide range of back-office services, from the standardisation of registers to management of complaints, from data entry to reporting and control.

Customer Relationship Management

Helpline uses advanced CRM tools to allow our operators to access all the information they need from a single website in accordance with ISO 9241 usability standards.

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Need help?