Bassilichi S.p.A.

Over 60 years of experience in the world of payment and business services at the service of the Group’s Partner Banks.

Market leader in B2B services Since 1957

Bassilichi has been a market leader in Italy in the Payment and Business-Service industries for many years. Bassilichi’s modular and flexible services are designed for Banking, Business, Public Administration, and large-scale distribution, and consist of full-service solutions covering the entire value chain: from the leasing, installation and maintenance of hardware and software to help desks, monitoring and remote support.

From B2B to B2M

Over the years, the acquisition of organisations such as Consorzio Triveneto and Moneynet has allowed Bassilichi to further strengthen its presence in the Payment services industry, while extending the services offered to include those that are dedicated to Merchants.

Bassilichi in Business and Payment Services

The arrival of Bassilichi to our Group has provided us with a capable and competent team that is able to handle a wide range of services that perfectly complement and extend the Group’s existing offering.
Payment Services include:

  • provision, installation and maintenance of POS terminals
  • Corporate Banking
  • e-commerce
  • supply and management of ATM and self-service terminals in multi-vendor environments
  • help desks
  • secure transport and handling.

Business Services include:

  • administration and accounting back-office services
  • document management.
Need help?
Need help?