About us

We support Banks, their Customers, Businesses, Merchants, and Public Administration.

We are constantly working to develop new payment systems in order to make digital payments an everyday event.


The Nexi Group is a market leader in numerous sectors in Italy: Issuing, Merchant Services, ATM Management, Interbank Corporate Banking, Clearing & Settlement.

Payment Services for Companies

Our experience at the service of our Partner Banks

Together with our Partner Banks, we work for millions of Individuals and Businesses, every day. We are working to make all payments digital because it is simpler, safer and more practical for everyone.

Paolo Bertoluzzo – AD Nexi


"We believe that cash payments have been superseded by technology. For this reason, we are constantly working with our Partner Banks to provide and spread the use of innovative, simple, and secure payment solutions in Italy. We want to be the Payment Technology for Banks, always at their service".

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